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LeedHospitality is a comprehensive resource website for all things related to hotel management. The website was to provide an intuitive and user-friendly platform for anyone looking for expert advice and support in the hotel industry in Africa and Europe.

II. Design and User Experience:

During the design process of the website and log I chose to focus on a design that is simple yet luxurious since those are the main traits of the industry. The client also gave me some examples of design he loved and based on those I was able to come up with something unique but in the same flow as what she wanted.

Leedhostpitaly logo
LeedHospitality Website

The font Josefin Slab was used on the website to display a sense of finesse and luxuries. The stars and crown on the logo were added to represent the hotel industry.

III. Content Strategy:

The content strategy for the website was centered on displaying the different realizations of the client, and their team and also displaying the different events. To achieve that I created a custom post type that permits the client to add their team members, for displaying the events I created a page for that so the client could add them there, finally for displaying the different realizations I also created a different post type to added the different client and their logo.

leedhospitality team menu
Leedhospitality clients

IV. Technical Features and Functionality:

During the brainstorming of the stacks to use WordPress was selected as the Ideal candidate for the development because of the following reasons

  • Seo Friendly: Being Seo friendly was the primary reason since the client wanted the website to be easily indexed and visible on different search engines, WordPress having the functionality out of the box was a plus for us.
  • Customization: The client is not a tech-savvy person so creating a complex dashboard was a big no when choosing the platform, also the client wanted to be able to change the different information such as phone numbers, emails, social network links, etc., and with WordPress customizer been able to do that with ease it was a big factor that supported us to our choice.
  • CRUD: As already mentioned the client wanted to be able to add and remove different elements such as their different clients, and team members with ease. With that in mind, it was easier for us to create a WordPress custom post type than WordPress with provide the back office for us, than using a different solution.
  • Time: It’s a well-known fact that using WordPress as a development tool can help to speed up development, so it was also one factor that contributed to the tech stack.

VI. Conclusion:

The Website LeedHospitality was a very challenging project in the sense I had to make something that looks smooth with a technology that is known for being slow, never the less it was a great learning experience and I came out with more tools and tricks on how to develop WordPress theme 🙂

NB: when doing these reviews i can't go into too much details for security and legal reasons, if you want more information i can share it on a call. thanks :)
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