About CMR (Communauté Missionaire De Reveil)

CMR is a Church management system designed to bridge the gap between the congregation and its members, it offers an array of services such as Facebook live, e-commerce, up-to-date information, online donation, and finally online exchange with clients.

II. Design and User Experience:

The choice of the design was highly based on the client’s feedback since he had given us a similar application that he wanted us to use as a source of inspiration when building C.M.R., he also insisted we should keep the heavenly feel when building the interface. As so the color pattern of the application was based on the existing logo and the general structure of was done using the application the client gave us a reference point (see some screenshots below).

CRM mobile application home screen
CRM mobile application services screen
CRM mobile application church screen

III. Technical Stack:

The stack we decided to use in the application where react-native on the mobile end and graphql on the backend. The choice of react-native was because we wanted to use the cross-platform capabilities to deliver to both ios and android applications on the fly, which saves us some cost in hiring speared teams. The choice of graphql was pushed by the fact we had some much data transiting between the front, admin panel, and backend, so instead of creating many roots, it was easier for us to use grapqhl which provides us with ease of selecting the data we want. for the admin panel, we just react.

IV. Conclusion:

The C.M.R application is live on the play store and the IOS version will be soon available, the application gave me some problems, especially when understanding the client’s needs, also we had some performance issues but due to my native experience, I was able to resolve them. for more information about the application please contact me.

NB: when doing these reviews i can't go into too much details for security and legal reasons, if you want more information i can share it on a call. thanks :)
Development time
3 months
Development team
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